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Here at Iron Forged AthletX, we dare to think different. We believe that if we solve the problem, you’ll want to continue to grow with us, because you’ll stick around for the RESULTS. That is exactly why we specifically designed our program to provide you with absolutely everything you need to be successful!

Our Online Training gives you the chance to work with one of our certified personal trainers to revitalize your fitness, whether you're here in Phoenix or traveling abroad. You'll have full contact with your trainer, get a customized training plan, and get access to our full suite of nutritional resources -- all remotely! As much as we'd love for you to join us in person, we understand that life can be complicated. Make it a little simpler with Online Training. 

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Personal Training in Tempe

Why Choose Online Training?

When you start, the Iron Forged 1-1 Online Coaching program you will notice that we left nothing to chance. We believe in a lifestyle approach to fitness and it shines throughout the entire program. Fitness shouldn’t take over your life, it should complement it. That is why our program starts you out with only three days a week in the gym.

The Iron Forged 1-1 Online Coaching program is designed to guide you step by step through your entire transformation. Unlike most programs that simply throw together their information in a pdf, our program contains quick and easy instructional videos, showing exactly what you need to get the most out of your journey. We made it a point to be with you every step, and rep, of the way.

We start the entire first week with mindset, because we know if we can get you in the right place mentally, you will be prepared and ready to conquer your first day at home or in the gym. During the first week, we cover all the basics such as sleep, hydration, nutrition, and even a few of Eric James’s fitness hacks that can easily double your results.

After you’ve built your mental dream physique, an actual exercise within week 1, we take you to craft that physique in real time. Each week your dedicated coach is covering exactly what you can expect, as well as ways to maximize your results, and some of the common mistakes to avoid.

You can easily track each workout through our mobile application.

When it comes time to complete an exercise, you simply follow along with the exercise instructional videos, unless your program offers Zoom sessions, which demonstrate proper form as well as common mistakes to avoid. We take it even a step further and if you’re not sure that you’re performing the movement correctly, simply send it to your dedicated coach for cueing instructions.

Online Training will connect you with:

  • A dedicated coach to design your workouts and nutrition
  • Easy access to our suite of wellness resources
  • A way to break out of your busy schedule and practice self-care
  • High-quality fitness training, no matter where life takes you

You don't have to be with us in Phoenix, training on our schedule, to get a great workout. We'll bring the workout to you! Online Training is a powerful resource for anyone who spends time traveling or simply doesn't have the flexibility to make it to Iron Forged AthletX for our regular fitness classes. 

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Contact our team at Iron Forged AthletX and schedule either an in-person or remote consultation. We'll talk about your goals, your fitness history, your unique needs, and how we can make your goals happen. Whether you're here in Phoenix or across the country, Online Training makes fitness accessible.

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