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Iron Forged AthletX

Be A Better Version Of Yourself

At Iron Forged AthletX, we train incredibly hard; harder than most thought they were capable of. Everyday our athletes break down barriers and set new standards for themselves. That’s why we never work out alone. Instead, we train with a small group of other athletes and one of our experienced, professional Body Swappers. By working with a small group of 5 athletes or less we give the personal attention that can’t be found at a large gym.

Our training is intense, and it creates a bond among our members that can’t be faked or manufactured. Our coaches design different, fun workouts everyday and help customize it to suit each individual’s fitness level. There are even organized competitions for those who like to compete. Together we sweat, we bleed, we expose weaknesses and we get stronger. All workouts are 55 minutes or less and guaranteed to make us work hard.

Our workouts are designed to improve our capacity in ten recognized fitness domains: cardio-respiratory, endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. We strive to create a friendly and fun atmosphere that welcomes athletes from all walks of life. Our team is here to motivate and support you as you start your journey to a stronger, healthier and leaner you.

We are excited and eager to share the Iron Forged AthletX experience with family, friends and our community.

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Our State of the Art Facility

We offer a 10,234 sq/ft facility located on the boarder of Tempe, Chandler and Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in coaching group and individual sessions using the Iron Forged methodology. Iron Forged workouts are comprised of constantly varied functional movements (like pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, and running) executed at a high level of intensity – scaled for any fitness level.


Our Core Values

We are a fitness community that is passionate, determined, and supportive. Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we’ve got exactly what you need to get the results you want!


Our Mission

We want to give back to our community by providing a safe and supportive space where people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds can pursue a healthier, happier lifestyle!


Our Promise

We want to give you more than just results for your fitness. We want to help you connect with our community, pursue a better lifestyle, and enjoy each and every training session.


Personal Training

Get more from your workouts with a customized approach and more motivation than ever before. Our Personal Training In Phoenix is helping people of all ages and abilities get fit fast.

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Group Fitness Training

Our group fitness program helps you deliver on your weight loss goals. From start to finish, our professional and compassionate team at Iron Forged AthletX will help you create a personalized workout plan and a nutrition plan to match your aspirations, then give you the tools you need to follow through.

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Online Fitness Training

If you want to get the customized experience of our Personal Training program but life gets in the way, Online Training is perfect for you. Whether you're a member who's moving out of Phoenix or your job takes you on the road a little too often, Online Training can help you get personalized coaching from a distance.

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Our Services

Our elite trainers offer a range of services to match your fitness goals

Weight Loss & Toning in Tempe - Iron Forged AthletX

Weight Loss & Toning

Our sessions are designed to help you reach whatever aesthetic- performance, or health-related goals you may have. If you’re interested in weight loss and toning, you’ll love our high-intensity programs and with access to nutrition coaching as well. You’ll learn to fuel your body for your day-to-day demands while challenging your body in a safe way under the guidance of certified (experienced) coaches.

Strength & Muscle Gain in Tempe - Iron Forged AthletX

Strength & Muscle Gain

Our instructors will lead you through a non-stop progression of strength building exercises to increase muscular endurance using a variety of equipment. Schedule this program around the proper nutrition to help you build a lean, strong physique with a workout that is NEVER boring!

Health & Longevity in Tempe - Iron Forged AthletX

Health & Longevity

If health and longevity and just overall looking and feeling good are your top priorities, we’ve got you! Our staff of experienced coaches are happy to work with you to help develop a workout schedule that will help you thrive to look and feel your best both in and out of the gym.

40 & Older Fitness in Tempe - Iron Forged AthletX

40 & Older Fitness

If you’re an older athlete or looking to get back into working out after a long hiatus, you’re in good hands with us. Our Foundations classes will help you learn the basics and our staff is always happy to help you find options to scale movements up and down based on ability limitations. We have coaches who are trained and certified to program and work specifically with Masters Athletes, and we take pride in working with people of all ages to help reach their fitness goals. We’ll make sure you always get a safe and fun workout, regardless of where you are starting.

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